Thursday, March 18, 2010

Meebo Puts Out iPhone App

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the iphone app is here: "
Our Meebo iPhone App Valentine’s Day Poem

Roses are red

Violets are blue

Go get your iPhone app

and leave us a review!

– from Meebo, with love

It’s official… our Meebo iPhone app went live at 9:45 pm on Valentine’s Day. Some of its features include:

  • Access to all your buddies (AIM, Gmail, Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo, Facebook, Myspace, etc)
  • Receive push notifications when you get a new IM, even when the app is closed
  • Flick between multiple conversation windows
  • Type in landscape and portrait mode
  • Manage your chat sessions as you switch back and forth between the Meebo iPhone app and
  • Synchronized chat history between your iPhone and

This is our first Meebo iPhone app. We’ve been working on the application for many, many months and though we’ve tested it again and again, it’s incredibly difficult for us to predict the languages, time zones, account configurations, and international network connections that all of you might encounter.

We’ve been watching the feedback roll in through the iPhone reviews and on our own internal crash report page. Thanks to a few keen observers (especially Gary from ) who helped us fix one of our earliest reported bugs. As always, we listen closely to your feedback following a product launch to determine what we should prioritize next. Please don’t hesitate to leave us a suggestion or comment. We’re watching every word.

Take care!


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