Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Day 5: Problems with MS Word format

I submitted the first fifteen-page proposal to the Ministry of Education last night and hit a major problem: Google Docs doesn't export to .doc particularly well.

My submission guidelines included a requirement for MS Word format, so I had my hands tied. The document looked great when exported to PDF, and of course HTML looks exactly the same as on the preview page, but the footnotes turn into endnotes in Word, and those aren't even really endnotes, but instead are a numbered list at the end of the document.

I didn't really have a solution to this problem other than exporting and editing the document in OO.o, which I couldn't do due to the experiment I'm running here.

Instead, I fudged the requirements and added the contact as a viewer, instructing him that the PDF was better for printed versions and that he should use HTML export if there was to be an inclusion in a web page. MS Word was still available, I told him, but that the document wasn't nearly as polished.

First major roadblock, I guess.

Also, I need to find some time-wasters. I have online sudoku, frogger, and a gems-style game if I need five minutes' break, but there's just not a lot to do WRT entertainment on my computer if I don't use local applications. I may have to dust off the PS2.

Oh, yeah, and I have a lot of ... "movies" ... on my computer that I can't watch now. The online versions are very slow to load and I generally don't think that far ahead when I'm in the mood. That's a major PITA.

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